Friday, May 8, 2009

Vesakha Blessings To All My Readers

Concerning those things not heard before vision arose, knowledge arose, understanding arose, wisdom arose, light arose (Vin.I,10).


MJ said...

Vesakha Blessings to you too, Venerable Dhammika.

May the boundless wisdom of the Buddha, the wise teachings of the Dharmma, and the immense virtue of the Sangha give all sentient beings the conviction and strength to trod the spiritual path until all attain final liberation from sufferings.


Riglin said...

Dear Bhante,

Happy Vesak Day to you


Brakus said...
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Brakus said...

Dear Bhante
happy Vesak, good health and lot of wisdom


David ( said...


artim said...

May you live long and may the Buddha's dispensation last a long long time.. : )

babypanda said...

Happy Vesak to you Venerable Dhammika~ :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Vesakh, bhante. May you be well and happy!

Cloudywind said...

Happy Vesak day too! :)
May all be more forgiving on this day!

Donald said...

Dear Bhante and all Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma

Happy Vesak

May the Loving Kindness and Compassion of our Great Teacher dwells in all our hearts.

May all be well and happy.


Xiong said...

Happy Vesak Bhante.

Pete Hoge said...

I like to think that everyday is
carrying the potential for Awakening.

May Dharma remain open to all beings and not supressed by the
forces of ignorance.


Alessandro S. said...

Happy Vesak to all sentient beeing, in all the 10,000 worlds!