Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Tibet Trip

In September/October I and three friends, Cittalaya, Jason and Havai, went to Tibet with the intention of doing the padakshina around Mt Kailash. It was a real adventure – which is another way of saying it was a bloody disaster while remaining positive. No, I’m just joking. For me and I think for my three companions it was the trip of a lifetime. With one exception we did and saw everything we had planned too, we has no accidents or serious illnesses, no delays and everything went smoothly – and I assure you, Tibet is not an easy place to travel in. Much of the success of the trip was due to the company we went with, Eco Trek of Kathmandu. Bimal Naharki organized our trip exactly as we wanted it, skillfully overcame some problems we were confronted with concerning visas, and got us there and back in one piece. After hearing several horror stories of people cheated or left in the lurch by Nepalese tour companies we were very reluctant to leave from Kathmandu. If you are going to Tibet through Nepal I can heartily recommend Eco Trek. They are at or
In the coming month I am going to focus on Tibet in my posts and will include my experiences in and impressions of that beautiful land. To start off here are some random images of it.


LAKSHMI said...

Great photos we got back from tibet on 16 august. what a great trip. successfully completed the yatra

Han & Zan said...

Those photos are very beautiful and travel-inspiring!

Montana Marla said...


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