Sunday, July 22, 2012

Journey To Mustang

The plan was to spend June in Tibet, visiting Mt. Kailash again. Trouble in Lhasa prompted the Chinese to close the border the day before we were due to cross over and after they had taken our $180 fee for doing so. So with the help of our tour company we made quick alternative arrangements to go to Lo Mantang in Mustang, an alternative than proved to be nearly as good as our original plans. While these adjustments were being made Cittalaya, Jason, Tony and Hwy had a look around Kathmandu and I went to meet several people and places. Firstly I met up with Venerable Assaji and Venerable Saranakara both from Anandakiti who have both just translated my book Good Question Good Answer into Newari. Next on my list was the well-known publisher and book shop proprietor Mr. Rananand.  The talk was mainly about publishing but Ramanand’s long, white wispy beard made me keep thinking I was conversing with a Himalayan sage.  Within a few days all the arrangements  were made and we bussed to Pokhara to begin the long trek to Mustang. Although it is touted as the ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ or  ‘The  Lost Tibetan  Kingdom’ Mustang is neither. Indeed if it was forbidden  we wouldn’t have been able to go there and if it were lost  we wouldn’t have known how to get there. However, it is a remote, rarely visited place which retains at least some sense of what Tibet was like before the Chinese invasion and what life was like in much of the world until the   19th century. Over the next several weeks I will post some of the photos I took  during this trip.
And one last thing. Some tour   companies in Kathmandu have a bad reputation for not delivering the goods their customers have paid for. We went with Mission Eco Trek and I can highly recommend them. you can contact them at or


Ken and Visakha said...

Looking forward to many more photos! Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!! for the translation of GQGA into Newari.

Wilson Theodoro said...

Ven. Dhammika, how can I contact you through email?
Thanks in advance,

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Wilson, please contact me at

Nepal trekking tour package said...

Namaste and Good Morning,
This is really great,Vente !! I'm very happy to see you and your Mustang trek blog.Thanks for your kindness and nice help.

Convey my regards to all the Mustang trek team !! See you and have a great day !

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Alpine Eco Trek Expedition said...

Dear Shravasti Dhammika,
Warm greetings from the Himalayas!
We are so glad and really very happy to see and read your great Blog with the candid words about Nepal and Mustang trekking. It was our great pleasure and we were very much grateful to serve you and your whole team for trip to Mustang.
By the way, the company name has been changed a little bit as Alpine Eco Trek but the leaders and guides are same as before!
Faithfully yours,
RK and Team

Sangita said...

Dear Vente! Thank you for your nice blog about Mustang trek! Yes, as Alpine Eco Trek said the name of the company has been changed as to Alpine Eco Trek and their websites are for Nepal trips and for holy trips to Mt Kailash and Tibet.
Yours sincerely
Manegment team of AET

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