Monday, April 21, 2014

Buddhist Monks Through The Ages


brahmavihara said...

Hi Bhante.
Thanks for this series of illustrations and photographs. The fourth last of this series appears to be Pandit Nehru and the current Dalai Lama after his escape from Tibet in 1959? Some truly beautiful and inspiring images. I noticed the size of the alms bowl seems to be quite small in one of the latter photos of two Lao or Cambodian monks. Who would of thought there was a trend in alms bowls! Another standout for me was what appeared to be wall illustrations from probably Afghanistan with several, quite earnest looking Monks. Most of all it is the visual record that is represented, that low heart beat rhythm, that is the living embodiment of the turning wheel of the Dharma that The Lord Buddha set in motion through the ages.
Those that have set forth into homelessness still protect and expound the Dharma today and show us that the door to the deathless is still open.

j d said...

Thanks, these are rare, beautiful pictures; worth a second look.

Ng Xin Zhao said...

Hi Bhante,

Sorry, can't find your email. I wonder if you are aware of this post concerning the talk you will give in Buddhist Library on the 8th May 2014. Hope this helps.