Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Learn From The Dogs

The 15th century Moroccan Sufi saint Muhammad ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli   authored  a wonderful little book of contemplation. While Muslims usually consider dogs to be impure al Jazuli saw them as having many virtues well worth emulating. This is his Ten Attributes of Dogs.  
1. He sleeps only a little at night; a sign of the lovers of God (muhibbin). 2. He never complains of heat or cold; a sign of the patient (sabirin). 3. When he dies, he leaves nothing  which can be inherited from him; a sign of his simplicity (zahidin). 4. He is neither angry nor hateful; a sign of the faithful (mu’minin). 5. He does not  mourn  the loss of a close relative, nor does he accept assistance; a sign of the secure (muqinin). 6. He is happy with whatever is given to him; a sign of the contented (qani’in). 7. He has no place to live; this is a sign of the wanderers (sa’ihin). 8. He sleeps  anywhere; this is a sign of the easily satisfied (radiyin). 9. Once he knows his master, he never despises him, even if he beats or starves him; a sign of the true knowers (’arifin). 10. He is always hungry; a sign of the virtuous (salihin).    

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