Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tickets Please!

This is my picture of the month. Hey, you in London! Stop complaining about how hot and stuffy the Tube is! And those old rattling U Bahn carriages in Berlin with the graffiti all over them – learn to love em! And if you think the Sydney trains are crowded - count your lucky stars! In fact, count them twice. This is an Indian train – outside peak hours. God! I can hardly believe that I traveled all over India in the 70’s by third class but I did. Once I took a train from Nagpur to Seoni that was easily as crowded as this and it took all day. I often took the train from VT to Kurala Junction which made this one look empty. I must have been mad! I must have hated it but I look back on it now and all the dukkha is gone and only good memories remain. Funny thing memory!

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footiam said...

Talk about attachment! These people are all attached to the train