Monday, July 14, 2008

Be Like A Banyan Tree

The Buddha said; Just as in some pleasant countryside where four main roads meet, the majestic banyan tree growing there is a haven of rest for all the birds around about; even so, the believing clansman is a haven of rest for many people – monks and nuns, lay men and lay women.
A great tree with firmly rooted trunk,
And branches bearing leaves and fruit
Becomes a delightful gathering place for birds.
Those in need shade go there for shade,
And those in need of fruit go there for fruit.
In the same way, those who are free from lust,
Hatred and from delusion, the cankerless ones
Who are a field of merit in the world
Associate with a person who is endowed with virtue,
Faith, modesty, who is well-mannered,
Friendly, gentle and nor rough.
They teach him Dhamma that dispels all suffering
And which, if he understands it,
He becomes perfectly calm and cankerless.

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Ken and Visakha said...

A splendid posting with the perfect picture. Thanks!