Friday, October 30, 2009

Reflections On Body, Speech and Mind

This shall be the rule for my body –
Refraining from harming or killing I shall lay aside the stick and the sword and live with care, kindness and compassion for all creatures. I shall cherish and protect the lives of other beings. Refraining from stealing I will not take what belongs to others. Rather, I shall share with them that which belongs to me. Refraining from sexual misconduct I will respect the dignity of others and not use them for my own pleasure. Refraining from intoxicants I will keep my mind clear and alert.

This shall be the rule for my speech –
Refraining from lying I shall become a speaker of the truth, one whose word can be taken. I will be reliable, trustworthy, one who does not deceive the world. Refraining from malicious speech I shall not repeat here what I heard there or repeat there what I heard here to the determent of others. I will be a reconciler of those who are at odds and an encourager of those already united. Rejoicing in peace, loving peace, delighting in peace, I will speak up in favor of peace. Refraining from harsh language, I will speak words that are blameless, pleasant, easy on the ear, agreeable, going to the heart, urbane, pleasing and liked by everybody. Refraining from useless chatter, I will speak at the appropriate time, correctly, to the point, about Dhamma and discipline, words worthy of being treasured, seasonable, reasonable, articulate, and connected to the goal.

This shall be the rule for my mind -
My mind shall not be perverted nor shall I speak evil speech but with kindness and compassion I will live with a mind free from hatred and filled with love. I shall live suffusing firstly one person with love and starting with them, suffuse the whole world with a love that is expansive, pervasive, immeasurable and utterly devoid of hatred and enmity.


Ken and Visakha said...

Thanks for this lovely post -- I hope that the "no comments" doesn't mean that it has not been read! It's such a useful reflection and contains no devisive, destracting "theology" -- definitely a plus!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Do you know Vasubandhu's Discussion on action, Karmasiddhiprakarana? What do you think of it?