Friday, June 26, 2009

Pinginanin's Praise

Just as a man, well satisfied with some choice flavor, long not for other flavors that are coarse; even so, whenever one hears the good Gotoma’s Dhamma one longs not for the talk of others, crowds, other samanas nor brahmans.
Just as a man, overcome by hunger and weakness, may come upon a honey cake and, whenever he tastes it he enjoys a sweet, delicious flavor; even so, whenever one hears the good Gotoma’s Dhamma one experience joy and serenity of heart.
Just as a skillful physician might in a moment take away the illness of one sick and ailing; even so, whenever one hears the good Gotoma’s Dhamma one, all grief, sorrow, suffering, lamentation and despair just vanish away.
Just as a man, tortured by heat, by heat overcome, wearied, craving and thirsty, might come to a pool, clear sweet, cool and limpid, a lovely resting place, and might plunge therein, bathe, drink and allay woe, fatigue and fret; even so, whenever one hears the good Gotama’s, all woe, fatigue and fret just vanish away. (A.III,239)
If you have the time have a look at the beautiful pictures of India at


Anonymous said...

Long time no view...
Greetings Venerable! :)

And soon i'll be flooding you with my almost never-ending questions... haha ;)
Hope all is well over at your end, Ven. Dhammika.
Alot sure has happened at mine...

Just a question for now, though, any way i could privately message you for your advices, Ven.?
Buddhist Mandala Society is a little far from my area. hope you understand. :)

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear IIR,
Please do give me a ring.

Walter said...

The photos are very well taken, but the subjects reflect a poverty that is not too cheery. Nevertheless, the people appear content and resigned to their condition. Religiosity, it appears, helps them to accept and endure their state of being. They "expend" their bad karma from previous lives and await better future rebirths. A will to change their current state does not seem to exist. But, perhaps, the photographer has confined himself mostly to this aspect of India in finding subject matter attractive to the western eye.

PS: As seen in the pics, India undeniably has the earliest nudist colonies, but restricted to the non-fairer sex... :)

PS2: "Please do give me a ring." Our dear Venerable must be the most accessible counsellor ever! :)