Monday, April 5, 2010

Mindfulness Of Bird Song

Wilfried left a comment on my blog of 1st April. I had a look at his three blogs and on one of them is a video of a black bird singing. Because Wilfried’s blogs are in German I can't read them so I don’t know whether the video is his or not. Either way I was unable to find it on Youtube. But it did inspire me to post this video. Once someone commented to the Buddha that he found the forest to be rather frightening. The Buddha replied, ‘At the midday hour when the birds are quiet, I find the rustle of the great forest delightful’ (S.I,7). I’m fairly certain the Buddha would have found the sound of the forest delightful when the birds weren’t quite too. I know I do. You might like to listen to these sounds as you do your meditation this evening.

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