Monday, May 17, 2010

A Very Special Gift

On the 7th May myself, our former president and long-time member John, together with Padma, KS and Adeline went to Kuala Lumpur to receive a copy of the new Sixth Council Edition of the Pali Tipitaka published by the World Tipitaka Project in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Galiyani Vadhana, the sister of His Majesty King Bhumipol of Thailand. Our society, the BDMS, is one of a small group of organizations and institutions selected to receive this gift. John and Padma had gone on invitation to Bangkok for the Princess’ cremation in November 2008 (see The formal handover of this magnificent gift took place in the Royal Thai Embassy in KL and was attended by a glittering array of dignitaries and special guests. I hardly have to mention that everything was done with extraordinary panache and graciousness (as only the Thais can) and that the food was magnificent. Sometimes it’s encouraging to get recognition for your humble attempts to promote the Dhamma. Also in attendance were Ven. K. Dhammaratana, Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia, and Ven. B. Saranankara. Representatives of the Malaysian recipient of the gift, the Nalanda Buddhist Society, were also in attendance. In fact, Nalanda accommodated us during our stay and in a few days I will share with you some pictures of their impressive new headquarters. Apart from being 10 years in the making, this new edition of the Tipitaka has been beautifully published –on special paper, in large easy-to-read print and with gold leaf edges. We have purchased a beautiful teak shelf for the Tipitaka which will be put in a special location in out our library. For more on the event and on the World Tipitaka Project go to

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Tazzie said...

What a great honour, and well deserved. We would love to see it when next in Singapore.