Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vesakha I

Often samsara is so confusing we don’t know which way to turn. Just as often we have to struggle to make sense of it.The Buddha’s Dhamma offers sound and practical advice on how to move ahead and gives meaning to what might otherwise appear meaningless. That is why I take refuge in the Buddha, his Dhamma and his Sangha. And to all my readers who have done the same I wish blessings, good-will and happiness this Vesakha .


Riglin said...

Dear Bhante,

Happy Vesak to you and your readers.

Branko said...

Happy Vesak day Bhante,
to you and to all those who read this blog :)

Unknown said...

A very happy Vesak day to Bhante and other friends!

bodhabill said...


To you and all my fellow readers of your insightful commentaries

Mega Metta wishes for this Vesak

Ming-Jie Chai said...

Yes, our worlds are indeed filled with desire and ill-will. Should we merely be led by our undependable minds, we almost certainly would do things which do not benefit our future. But luckily, we have the Buddha and the Dhamma he discovered to guide us in this life.

I often ponder: What would we do without the Buddha? And for his wonderful teachings, I am eternally grateful to him.

Happy Vesaka to one and all! :-)

With my kindest wishes

RMV's Colleague said...

Thanks so much for your good wish. May you be peace and happiness always.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that first photo was taken in the city where I live. :) It's the intersection of Brush and Macomb streets in Detroit, Michigan. In defense of my community, that first pole on the left was either spun around or manipulated digitally.

Oh, and Happy Vesak! :)

Paulo Roberto said...

Dear bhante,

Thanks for your commentaries in thios blog and blessings, good-will and happiness this Vesakha, for you too.


Andy said...

Dear Venerable Sir,

A happy Vesak day to you and all your readers.

May the triple gem guide and protect one and all.

Much Metta


MidPath said...
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MidPath said...

Thank you Ven Sir, I wish you and all your readers well and happy this Vesak day and beyond. Yes samsara is a sea most difficult to traverse and yes I take refuge in the Lord Buddha, His Dhamma and His Sangha as an anchor of life.

Tazzie said...

Thanks Bhante and happy Vesakha to you as well. May The Dharma Road rise with you, and may all realize the peace of Nirvana.
From your friends in Perth WA