Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Little Bit Can Go A Long Way

It often happens that I see a new Dhamma book, flick quickly and then dismiss it as either ‘basic’ or ‘the same old thing.’ I suppose this is natural, but it’s a reaction that can make you to forget that what might not be ‘new’ to you, ‘useful’ for you or does not ‘speak’ to you may very well not be so for others. A friend of mine has written several small books that at least some people might have such an attitude towards. At his own expense he posts them to people around the world and every now and then shows me emails he gets from people who have received and appreciated them. Some of these emails are the usual polite expressions of thanks and gratitude you would expect, but occasionally he gets some that are very different. This is one of them that really struck a cord with me -
“I host a meditation group whose specific interest is learning and incorporating the Buddhist Dharma to end suffering in their lives and the lives of others. This is a dedicated group of members on a spiritual journey. Many members are healing from extreme suffering and utilize the Buddhist Path (4 Noble Truths, 8 Fold Path and principles) on their journey. The group consists of some core members but every week there are newcomers to Buddhism and meditation. We always have individuals interested in Buddhism coming to check out the meditation group. I have used the booklets sent from ‘Just be Good’ to help spread the Dharma to these new members and those interested in learning about Buddhism. They get so excited when they come and can take a book of their choice with them. Group members who want to spread the Dharma also hand them out to people they know interested in meditation and Buddhism. It is amazing to see people light up when they learn about the principles and begin to utilize them in their life. We have had a couple of members begin to understand their grief of tragic losses of loved ones, through your lessons and writings. Thank you so much for your materials. ‘Just be Good’ books have helped so many in their journey to enlightenment. We are so grateful for your organization and bringing Buddhism to the West - Jane, USA.”
Sometimes even the smallest and most simple telling of the Dhamma can move others in a way you could never expect. Have a look at http://www.justbegood.net/


Anandajoti said...

I also have handed these books out and others in the series to many people, both in English and Chinese and only ever had a good response to them.

Many thanks to T Y Lee for writing books that really communicate with people.

Big Sadhu!

Cornish Dreamer said...

I find that even hearing or attending lessons that I have heard again and again can sometimes bring fresh inspiration and understanding, as is the same with even the most simple of texts.

Many thanks for the link to the Justbegood website.

Cittamutta said...

I would also like to add Good Question Good Answer is another good and comprehensive book. Keep up the good Dhamma work.

Patr said...

Hi to everybody,
May I know where they are located? Am hoping to join a Buddhist organisation. Im from KL.

Thank you & greetings to all.

Perry Hewitt said...

Thankyou for this post Bhante, I have visited the site and is very interesting.

On another note, I am at a bit of a personal dilemma and would appreciate it if you would be okay with offering some advice on it from a learned Buddhist perspective via email? I understand if this is not possible.

Jane said...

To share the dhamma is a priceless blessing. Today I received a package of these books. I carefully unwrapped the contents- for each is a gift and a part of someones spiritual journey. I placed the books out to be displayed in the spiritual library and later picked by a newcomer to Buddhism. This box made my day brighter. For we have many different people from all walks of life come to meditation. Giving them something to take with them, gives them the opportunity to take the experience with them and begin to cultivate the principles in their life. A true gift indeed!-