Monday, November 8, 2010

Doubly Interesting

Here is a blog and a video news item, both of them worth watching by anyone interested in the good Dhamma. The first is about the Swiss nun Venerable Ariya Nani who understands that offering help to others need not necessarily hinder your meditation. It is a rather inspiring example of what we need more of in Buddhism – metta with its sleeves rolled up. The video is a brief examination of the progress of the Dhamma is the USA.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing about this blog Bhante. Excellent example of "metta with sleeves rolled up" indeed.It has been a continuous questioning for me since I met the Dhamma actually : how to engage in practical actions "in the world" as Theravada monks and nuns (considering the precepts and the traditional expectations around what a monk should and shouldn't do)... Therefore I'm very glad to learn about such example of beneficial activities and I hope to be able to somehow follow in the same way.