Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They Just Keep On Coming

Two days ago I received a message from Ciprian Salagean, a Rumanian Buddhist, telling me that my book Good Question Good Answer is now available on line in Rumanian and will be published as a book in that language soon. And just today my friend and student Eric Gibert informs me that his French translation of the same book is now on line too. Efforts are underway to have it published in book form also. It seems without trying I managed to write a book that, well, answers peoples questions about the Dhamma.
The Rumanian version is at
and the French version is at


MidPath said...

Congrats...I have a hard copy of the very first few in print...

Carolina said...

Hello Bhante,

I am one of the team member for Cambodian Dhamma Book Project. Currently, we are printing 5,000 copies of this book and will distribute them in Cambodia :)

Thanks for creating this opportunity for us to learn the Dhamma :)

May you be well and happy always!

This is the link for Dhamma Aid Cambodia: