Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Death Of A Pope

When they hear the word ‘pope’ people in much of the world think of the prelate in Rome. In actual fact there are several other popes, each claiming primacy in the Christian world, although the Roman pope is the only one claiming to be infallible in theological matters. Pope Shenouda III of the Egyptian Church rarely got in into the news in the West although his recent death has been widely reported, probably because of the political situation in Egypt. He was an interesting man who had been both a monk and a desert-living hermit before being elevated to the papacy 40 years ago. There has not been a hermit Roman pope since, I think Celestine V some 800 years ago. I suspect that monks and hermits might be less efficient in running a church than theologians, diplomats and priest-bureaucrats, but that they might make up for it by their spirituality. The Coptic Church is as ancient as the Roman church although its practices, rituals, chanting, etc, have remained much less changed, some going back to the early days of Christianity. May this gentle monk/priest rest in peace. This video is a brief over summery of Pope Shenouda’s interesting life.


Dawn said...

Thank you so much for this post. I found it very enlightening, having been raised Catholic, I had no idea there were other Popes. And, also thanks for sharing the video. Pope Shenouda's life was truly one of service and worthy of honor and remembrance.

massimiliano a. polichetti said...

first of all my best compliments for this interesting blog. the bishop of rome is the "papa", and "pope" the others, the ortodox bishops, i mean. this misunderstanding is only (or mainly) in english language. all the best frome rome (roma), m.a.p.