Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holy Water

Damn! I forget my bucket.


Ser Ming said...

That makes the people convenient. At least they know where to head to should they feel that they run into bad luck or what =)

Robert said...

This is silly, but I do kind of wonder what the story behind the logic of this is. Doesn't holy water have to have some sort of blessing said over it? Is there a huge tank of blessed water feeding into that spigot or is it just connected to the town water supply? (Maybe the whole town water supply has been blessed, or maybe there's a blessing written on the pipes or something?)

At least it isn't coming out of a vending machine....

namkhim said...

This is a convenient way of producing holy water -- just stick a label at the tap!

Actually, blessed water are found in Chinese Buddhist temples as well. Most of the time these are bottled water with a sticker on it and placed at the alter for prayers.

Once, while I was helping to stick the labels "Great Compassion Water" (大悲水), I wondered why is it necessary to stick the label. Any volunteer told me the devotees only take the bottles only if they are labeled.

I guess the label makes all the difference.