Friday, June 20, 2008

Picture Of The Month

I have no idea who this man is or why he is doing what he is. But this strikes me as an absolutely wonderful picture. The bull appears unharmed and is following its nature by charging at the moving object in front of it. The man is deftly and effortlessly avoiding the bull’s horns by changing his nature, by transforming himself into a bird, as it were. To me, this is what anatta is all about. Despite my best efforts, I feel myself to be a rigid, fixed entity. When I truly see that this is an illusion, that there is no self, I can ‘become’ anything I want. Because I am nothing, I am an emptiness of limitless potential. This is why the Buddha and the arahats are free from sorrow, because they are able to adjust to, fit in with or fly over the charging bull of samsara.


Anonymous said...

And it is the incapablilty to transform to other form, therefore there are so much conflicts, arguements, and even 'cold war' between two parties or two communities.

For my case, i would transform myself into Water or Wind.

Water that can adapt to any 'container' aka situation and people encounter.

Wind that can follow the course of nature, do what i shall do on the spot.

Even when some parties are going against me, Water & Wind will not repel or resist.
Water & Wind will give way whenever possible, but Water will be harded to ICE & Wind will transform to TORNADO when the action is overboard.

'Above all is my own opinion'

footiam said...

it is not only a nice picture, it is also a nice thought.