Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The End Of The Road?

The end of the road? Well, not quite yet. But it’s approaching. A few days ago I bought my air ticket to Europe. I will be going for six months at the end of the year so I can have access to research material I need to complete my Dictionary of Flora and Fauna in the Pali Tipitaka. I also hope to have time to go into retreat for at least a month or two. During that time I plan to stop blogging, something I have been doing for nearly every day for about three years and four months. Goodness, how time flies! Non-blogging, not giving talks every week, doing no counseling and not having to talk to people who come to ask questions about the Dhamma will, I hope, refresh and rest my mind, so I can re-start blogging with renewed energy on my return.


Paulo Roberto said...

thanks, and nice journey!


Branko said...

Good luck, Bhante!
And enjoy your well deserved "vacation" :)

dyannne said...

I feel the grasping already. Your sabbatical from blogdom will be good practice in letting go. I almost said "renunciation", but if your blog isn't there, nothing to renunciate, I guess. I will miss it dreadfully.

anotherqueerjubu said...

I certainly hope your journey doesn't take you on any roads with precipitous drops. I'll miss your writing and learned opinions. But you most certainly deserve the time to devote to your study and more. And we'll all be here when you get back. Though I hope you'll somehow send out an announcement to get the word out when you're back.

puaykim said...

There is a popular Chinese saying - taking a rest to embark on a longer journey.

Have a good break Venerable. Looking forward to your return.

bodhabill said...


Enjoy your trip and return to us safely

With Metta

Terasi said...

Have a wonderful journey. Well deserved break after all these great posts. I wish I could say please come back soon but that's not right.

peace said...

have a good trip Bhante.

with Metta,


Ben said...

God bless you! No, I was just kidding. ;) Have a nice break and enjoy your trip. I also have to confess, that I will miss your blog entires, actually it is the first website I open every morning, having my first cup of coffee and then I feel save to check out the world news.

See you,

MidPath said...

Dear Ven SIr,

Have a nice trip and look forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

Bhante, I guess I won't be able to see you in Singapore. But anyhow, do have a good trip.

िजगु मन said...

I will be missing you Bhante. Von Voyage! Have a good time.


Sumanakitti Bhikkhu
New England

Anonymous said...

Dear Bhante Dhammika,

Will you be coming to Vienna? It would be great to meet you.