Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nothing To Do With Dhamma

The pictures in this link have nothing to do with the Dhamma other than that they demonstrate the awesome power of nature and the sometimes puny and insignificant efforts of humankind. They are some of the most dramatic and spectacular pictures I have ever seen. May the poor people affected by this natural upheaval be comforted in their distress.

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Ken and Visakha said...

Thanks for this link. We always appreciate having faces to picture for metta meditation. The whole series is awesome. As for Dhamma, we thought first of the simile of the mountains crushing everything, then the Four Dhamma Summaries:

* The world is swept away. It does not endure.
* The world offers no shelter. There is no one in charge.
* The world has nothing of its own.
One has to pass on, leaving everything behind.
* The world is insufficient, insatiable, A slave to craving.
– Majjhima Nikaya 82