Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Buddha In the Lampshade

Concerning my post of Sept 9th one reader commented that he had never seen a ‘Buddha’ lampshade. Obviously he doesn’t frequent up-market interior designer studios. Here’s a few for you, Dhamma81. And switch off the light when you go out!


JD said...

I never expected you to actually be able to pull up so many examples. It's really something to think of the Buddha being used in something as trivial as a lampshade. I guess the most respectful thing I could do when I encounter one of these is to do as you say and not forget to turn out the light. Be well.

desertboot said...

Must share an anecdote on this subject. Some years ago, was caught turning my nose up at one of these abominations at the home of a friend of a friend of a friend (ah, the powers of disassociation!). Anyhow, this person got very hot and bothered and then launched into a strident thesis, founded -- hold your breath -- entirely on a play on the word 'enlightened'. Oooh...So that's what it is. Silly, silly us. Db.