Friday, September 26, 2008

Something Compleatly Different

And now for something completely different. I chanced upon a web site with a bibliography of books and research papers on two very obscure but extremely interesting subjects – Islam in Tibet and Buddhism in Iran. Some of this material may have a value in helping bring about a better understanding between Buddhists and Muslims. Have a look at If you are interested in a revealing account of Soka Gakhi, that weird mixture of Buddhism, Japanese fascism and high pressure marketing, have a look at If that doesn’t raise your eyebrows check out And finally, if you think the evangelicals in your country are a bit over the top, have a look at what they are like in Korea. This gives new meaning to the term ‘holy roller.’


David ( said...

Many Koreans left Buddhism for that?

I received a book (unsolicited) from that Dorje Buddha dude. What's with the long hair and make-up?

Unknown said...

I think this book might be able to explain some of it. It's based on Richard Dawkin's meme ideas: