Monday, May 4, 2009

GQGA In Cambodia

I recently received news from Yu Ban of Dhamma Aid Cambodia that they have so far printed and distributed 17,500 copies of the Khmer translation of my book Good Question Good Answer. Apparently Dhamma books are in short supply in Cambodia outside the main cities and people like the book 'because it explains all the main Dhamma points in a way people can understand.' I couldn’t be more happy to be of service to the Dhamma. The picture shows copies of the book being distributed in a temple.
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budamax1952 said...

.Dear Mr Dhammika;In your recent blog "Be aware,be very aware" you made the statement 'Here at the Buddha Dharma Mandala Society we do not believe in God'.Sir, with due respect to you even our Lord Gotama Buddha did not ever make such a direct statement like that during his entire 50 years of his enlightened life.What i mean is,there no place for the concept of 'believe' in buddhism;and 'believe' is strongly discouraged by the Buddha himself because the GRASPING MIND can believe in anything:it can even believe the cow in the yard jumps over the moon every night at exactly midnight. Any 'believe' according to the Buddha is an "attachment to a view" and this according to Him is a major failing for the buddhist practitioner.Next, the concept of God is totally irrelevent in bhuddism because once you bring God into the picture RIGHT-EFFORT,which being one the cornerstone of THE NOBLE EIGHTFOLD PATH,vanishes; its a fact that once you have God in your corner you become a beggar:God do this for me, God give me that.Thus there is no place for God in Bhuddhism which requires a supreme level of RIGHT-EFFORT on the part of the practitioner.Thank you sir.

Unknown said...

i visited siem reap museum last year (visitors pay to enter, commercial venture) and i was dissapointed to read that nibanna was listed as one of the planes of existence!

Good Q&A and Buddhism A-Z would be great for them.

Ken and Visakha said...

I recall reading that after the Khmer Rouge were ousted there was a survey done of books in Khmer language, and only about one thousand five hundred titles were found worldwide. They really had intended to begin again from year zero.

Sadhu! Sadhu!! Sadhu!!! for making Good Question Good Answer available.