Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm Off

Tomorrow I’m off on pilgrimage again. Given this, there will be no posts until my return on the 20th of October. And where am I going? Here is a hint In the meantime, you might like to re-explore some of the golden oldies. I recommend –

The Origins of Tibetan Prayer Wheels, 11th January 2009.

A Buddhist View of Euthanasia, 1st -4th January 2009

. Phallicism in Buddhism, 16th November 2008.

How to Kill Yourself, 24th October 2008.

The Buddha Logo, 9th September, 2008.

My Meeting with Sai Baba, 25th August 2008.

That perennial favorite, Buddhism and Vegetarianism, 1st-6th July 2008.

My Encounters with Hindu Swamis, 10th June 2008.

Thoughts on Jewish Buddhists, 22nd May 2008.

And the ever useful How to Swear in Pali,10th May, 2008.


Aaron said...

May you be safe, well and happy on the trip! Will be waiting for your insights upon your return.

Buddha said...

Wish u a Safe,Peaceful & Insightfull Voage


Unknown said...

Dear Venerable Dhammika

Your blog articles are always insightful, incisive, comprehensive by looking at the issue from different viewpoints and undoubtedly well researched. I have read every one of them and will miss your temporary absence.

May you enjoy your travel as much as I enjoy your blog.

Branko said...

Dear Bhante
Let the good luck be with you and I'm looking forward to reading your impressions from the pilgrimage.


Riglin said...

Dear Bhante,
Take care and have a safe journey on your pilgrimage to the Himalaya.

reasonable said...


I m enjoying your posts on euthanasia. Must come back to share more of your views on many things visible and invisible under the sun - very reasonable, very sensible

and would love to visit u one day :)

Justin Choo said...

Ahhh Bhante,

I know you are going to set a world record for being the first monk to reach Mt Everest wearing only the saffron robes!!

Have fun!!

Walter said...

Dear reasonable,
I am most interested to hear your views on the "theistic" position on euthanasia if they differ from the Venerable's. Would be great if you could jot down for us a few pointers. Thanks

Unknown said...

Hello Bhante
It's Lorna from Darwin. The young Vietnamese nun came to see you recently, not knowing you were away and I'll be in Sing in Dec/Jan on my way to and from a wedding in Mumbai.
So hope the trip went well and hope to see you.

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Lorna,
Look forward to seeing you again.