Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

For the pure every day is special. For them every day is holy.
The Buddha, M.I,39

I would like to wish all my readers the blessings of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha in the coming year.


What I like and what I dislike said...

Same to you ven. Shravasti. May all beings be happy.

dyannne said...

Thank you Bhante. Your blog and wisdom have been invaluable this year. I look forward to more in 2010. With metta. Diane

babypanda said...

Dear ven,
I am in need of some advice. Is there anyway I can contact you?
yours truly,

Riglin said...

Happy New Year, Bhante!

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Baby Panda,
Contact me at

Buddha said...

Dear Bhante..
Wish u a more Insightful and Happy New year
There is a book fair in chennai which i paln to go..could u suggest any books?
I will refer ur previous blogs regarding the same..

Alessandro S. said...

Happy New Year!
BTW., the quote is from the Mahâvagga, right?

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Alessandro,
No,the quote is from the of the Vatthupama Sutta of Majjhima Nikaya, page 121 in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation. The passage reads, ‘Suddhassa ve sada phaggu suddhass’ uposatho sada’ and an exact translation would be ‘For the pure everyday is Phaggu, for the pure everyday is Uposatha’. Phagguni was the full moon day of spring, a special day of purification for Brahmins, and of course Uposatha was a full moon day, equivalent to our Sunday.

Alessandro S. said...

Thank you for the information, Bhante. I might have the full sutta in some of my books, as I do have the second and third volumes of the only Italian translation of the Majjhima Nikaya, printed some eighty years ago.
New year's proposal? Let's extinguish the fire, let's not get burnt out! :-)

Praveen said...

Hello Ven,

Wish you a very Happy New Year !

My name is K Praveen and I am an Indian. I have been doing some research in the field of Indian Chronology and in particular the life of Gautam Buddha for the past 1 year. I think I have finally made a breakthrough discovery regarding the exact year of Ashoka's coronation and consequently Buddha's Parinirvana, his year of Birth and Enlightenment.

I have read your article " The Edicts of King Ashoka " and I would like to discuss my findings with you as you are an accomplished scholar of Buddhism.

How can I contact you?