Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Honor For The BDMS

In November our society, the Buddha Dhamma Mandala Society, was honored by being selected as one of ten Buddhist organizations from around the world to receive a complete copy of the Pali Tipitaka in memory of Princess Galyani Vaddhana, the sister of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. As part of Her Highnesses cremation ceremonies our former president and long-time member John Soh together with Padma and Detong arrived in Bangkok on the 13th Nov to be met at the air port by a welcoming committee. Over the next several days John and co attended several glittering receptions and formal meetings including at Thailand's Constitutional Court. On the 15th they joined other invited guests to witness the cremation of Her Highness at the large ground in front of the Bangkok's Royal Palace. John's account of this event and the pictures of it leave no doubt that it was an occasion of extraordinary splendor and pomp. John also had the honor of meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawail. Princess Galyani was widely loved in Thailand and vast crowds attended her cremation. John, Padma and Detong were fortunate enough to witness the event up close. Everybody arrived back in Singapore tired but very happy for having been treated with such kindness and respect during their stay. The 40 volumes of the Tipitaka will be specially shipped down to Singapore and we will ceremonially receive it and keep it in a special cupboard in our library.


David ( said...

Congratulations! The set looks beautiful.

Unknown said...

i was very happy to hear that the humble BDMS that i used to attend twenty years ago has been recognised, while of course the BDMS functions only because so many people put in the effort such as John, but i think it also should be said that you Bhante have made a huge contribution to modern Buddhism with your many illuminating publications - it is amazing what one man can do if he chooses to! sadhu to you!

dolly said...