Sunday, January 25, 2009

Philosophically Buddhist

Maya Soetoro Ng was born in Indonesia to a Chinese businessman named Lolo Soetaro and Ann Dunham and Ann Dunham happens to be Barak Obama's mother. That makes Maya Ng Barak Obama's half sister. Maya was educated in Hawaii, at Barnard College in New York, later she did her MA at New York University and her Ph. D at the University of Hawaii. Apparently, recently Maya Ng described herself as 'philosophically Buddhist.' I'm not sure what that means but it sounds promising. Hopefully it's something like practicing the Dhamma and leaving out all the cultural trappings.


Vasile Andreica said...

:) nice point at the end.

Han & Zan said...

Hello Venerable Dhammika,
I enjoy reading your blog! Just for the sake of accuracy, Maya Soetaro Ng's father was an Indonesian businessman named Lolo Soetaro. Konrad Ng is her husband, who is Canadian of Malaysian Chinese background. I like the fact that Obama has such a varied group of relatives, bound to widen his perspective.
Best wishes from Suzanne in Sweden

Konchog said...

I'm metaphysically Buddhist, myself.

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Suzanne, Thanks for the correction.
Dear Konchog, I just had a look at my Dictionary of English Etymology and found that meta is a Greek prefix meaning 'among', 'with', 'after.' Metaphysics is the science of the mind and was so called because one was supposed to study it after having studied the natural sciences. So I'm a metaphysical Buddhist too (although I never did the natural sciences).