Sunday, January 18, 2009

Metta For Sri Lanka

I'm not particularly interested in politics, except when it overlaps with religion and where it is a mirror of society. In Sri Lanka Buddhism is very much both these things. Despite 2250 years of Buddhism, the loud profession of Buddhism by both the politicians and the electorate and the oft repeated claim that Sri Lanka has preserved Buddhism 'in its pristine purity', one sometimes gets the impression that Dhamma is very thin on the ground in that beautiful but tragic island. You may have heard that Lasantha Wickrematunga, editor of one of Sri Lanka's few independent newspapers and a critic of the government, has just been shot dead by unknown assailants. He feared that this might happen and in preparation for it he wrote a last editorial to be published on his death. Please read it and then radiate metta to him and for all the people of Lanka.


Vasile Andreica said...

done, and done.

What I like and what I dislike said...

Bhante, let me say he is a hero. Let me say he is a saint. Which is the way Sri Lanka is going? Here in Germany the problems of this country are so apart and only mentioned in the news when it is worth or better if it is worse enough to be mentioned. But if I read this I'm touched like it is in my neighborhood. In what world are we living? If I take the "Broken Buddha" and this article, put it together, do I get the right view of Sri Lanka? Is it that kind of worse? My metta to Lasantha Wickrematunga, my metta to you. Take care, Wilfried