Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Recollection On Peace

I sit now before the Buddha and contemplate that by seeing the aggregates as empty He attained great peace. It is His unmoved stillness and sorrowless compassion that shall be my inspiration. Those who are angry at injustice, impatient for change, despairing at tragedy, elated today and depressed tomorrow, are soon exhausted. But those whose minds are always still and who abide in peace, are abundant in energy. They, like the Buddha, are islands of peace in a sea of turmoil and a refuge to all beings.

Therefore, I will seek peace and quiet, avoiding always the loud, the noisy and those who wish to argue.

I will strive to restore harmony to those who are at odds.

I will speak without abuse or harshness, gentle always, with words sweet and true.

I will strive to be conciliatory and yielding, and never be a source of conflict for others.

May all who live in turmoil find the peace they long for.

May my heart be free from agitation of defilements.

May my abiding in peace help in the freeing of the heart.


lzblue said...

Thank you Bhante, while reading this i find peace over my recent agitations for some political cruelty back in my home country.

BTW, were the two question marks at bottom lines there for a purpose?

yuri said...

Very helpful! I need such formula and such attitude to overcome and fix the last remaining source of negative feelings which is massive propaganda of orthodox christianity in my country and clericalisation of life here, which is a determined State policy now.

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Izblue,
The question marks are a mistake and have been removed.