Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Visit To Borobudur

Never been to Borodubur? Well now you can go in the discomfort of your own home. Venerable Anandajoti has just published the photos he took during his recent trip to Java. Being a Buddhist and a masterful and sensitive photographer, he has managed to capture the subtle beauty of this great Buddhist monument. Don’t rush through the pictures. If you contemplate each one, looking at the calm and smiling faces, the fluid forms, each bird, animal and plant, and in particular the images of the imperturbable Buddha and the gentle bodhisattvas, it will be a meditation for you. All the movement will seem to be in slow motion and in silence. The pictures are arranged according to the books they illustrate – the Gandavyuha, the Jatakas, the Divyavadana and the Lalitavistara (telling the life of the Buddha). This I site really is the next best thing to actually going to Borodubur.


Walter said...

A wonder. In its heyday, would have made Dhammakaya look ordinary.

yaya said...

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