Saturday, December 19, 2009

Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories

It was about my two favorite subjects, Buddhism and animals, so of course I just had to get it. Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories is one of the loveliest books for Buddhist kids to come out for some time. Mark W. McGinnis has rewritten 44 Jataka stories and illustrated each with an absolutely beautiful picture. I have always wondered how an artist could illustrate stories told by the Buddha and include an African elephant. Although it would not detract from the value of this book if it were otherwise, McGinnis has done his research carefully and only depicted animals native to India. Buddhist Animal Wisdom Stories is published by Weatherhill so the printing, paper, binding, etc are all of the highest order. Oh and incidentally, I’m nearly 60, by no means a kid, and I have enjoyed reading it too. And no! I don’t get a free copy or a discount for plugging particular books – although I wish I did.


Ken and Visakha said...

Delightful! Looks like a great book for children and others! Maybe this is why Buddhism doesn't concern itself with "human rights" ;-) since people aren't of exclusive importance -- the Bodhisatta was reborn often as an animal and as a deva.

Buddha said...

Dear Bhante,

Could u pls tell me where i can buy this book and Previously (Old Post) Mentioned Comics of Jataka with good illustrations in India?

theGizmoDen said...

Amazing! We are blessed to be able to access your teachings over the net, thank you for sharing such wise thoughts. Nowadays with roborace news the advent of technology i find that is also applicable to these teachings as they remain true throughout eternity.