Monday, December 28, 2009

I Metaphor

The art of living is more like that of wrestling than dancing; the main thing is to stand firm and be ready for an unexpected attack.

Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among stones. Charlotte Bronte

A human being fashions his consequences as surely as he fashions has goods or his dwelling. Nothing that he says, thinks, or does is without consequences. Norman Cousins

No fathers or mothers think their own children ugly; and this self-deceit is yet stronger with respect to the offspring of the mind. Miguel de Cervantes

Experience is a good teacher, but her fees are very high. W. R. Inge

Men are apt to mistake the strength of their feeling for the strength of their argument. The heated mind resents the chill touch and relentless scrutiny of logic. William E. Gladstone

Whenever nature leaves a hole in a person’s mind, she generally plasters it over with a thick coat of self-conceit. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The self is merely the lens through which we see others and the world. Anais Nin

Humor is the shock absorber of life; it helps us take the blows. Peggy Noonan

I found these quotes in Mardy Grothe’s very entertaining I Never Metaphor I Didn’t Like.

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Samsara said...

Hey Venerable,

For me, my prejudice is not because of lack of education. Instead, it is because I got so much education and being toooooo proud of it.

Intead of making me humble, education inflates my ego.

Oh, it is so difficult to maintain a balanced mind, to stay humble and keep an open-minded.

Being educated and eloquent, I can defend and deceit myself in more sophisticated and subtle way. I have the more excuse to cheat and justify myself.....

Sometime, I wish I am a simple farmer, who will have less self-defence and simply admit the truth and go ahead to purify my mind.

Oh, this is such a long and difficult way!