Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Contemplation On Blessings

Infinite in number and variety are the states of existence that beings are born into. I have been born as a human beings.
Countless are those who cannot speak or hear what is spoken to them, who cannot see to read and who lack the power to reason and ponder. I have been born with all limbs and faculties complete.
Many are those who dwell in lands of strife and conflict and who are deprived of security and safety. I am living in a land that is at peace.
Incalculable are those forced to toil without end and who are driven by hunger and want. I have wealth to sustain the body and time to give it rest.
Numerous are those whose bodies and minds are in bonds, who are not their own masters, unable to go where they wish, unable to think as they like. I enjoy great freedom.
Without number are those who abide in regions where the light of the Dhamma shines not, or where its message is not heard above the racket of false doctrines. I have heard and understood the good Dhamma.
Truly precious is this human life and great are the blessings I enjoy. I here and now, before the Buddha, contemplate my own good fortune and resolve to use this rare opportunity to work for my own good and the good of others. With strong determination I will overcome all obstacles great and small.


Anonymous said...

A skilful use of antinomies!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I have posted a comment on your Bedsa; A Cave With A View. Please respond immediately.

Ken and Visakha said...

A useful reflection.

Aaron said...

Nice one. If the world were a village of 100, the results are pretty surprising: