Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Asana Then Apostasy

Malaysia's National Fataw Council has just banned (No, not that; that was banned last year. And not that either; that has been forbidden you decades) Muslims from doing yoga. Summarizing the Council's edict Abdul Shukor Husin said that doing yoga could 'destroy the faith of a Muslim.' Another religious scholar added that if Muslims wanted to do exercise they should take up jogging or bicycling, activities which apparently are not able to shake one's faith so easily.
The picture shows a man of unknown religion jeopardizing his faith.


Anonymous said...

If he keeps going round he might end up in some REAL trouble.

AlasdairGF said...

No, the picture shows a man of unknown religion jeopardizing his spine!

Shravasti Dhammika said...

And some might say that to keep your faith or even to loose it, you need spine!

Justin Choo said...

Flying kites should be banned as well.

Breathing in public also should be banned as the air is polluted by infidels.

Money also should be banned bec it's the dirtiest piece of paper handled by murderers, cheats, politicians, lawyers, and worse, infidels who eat pork and pat dogs.

Unknown said...


they allow it now, except for chanting.

and indonesia seems to be following suit on the ban as well.