Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gone Forever

I'm sorry to inform you that the best computer minds in Singapore (Samata and Terrence) have been unable to correct my thumb drive, the result being that a whole month of posts has been lost. I just do not feel like rewriting them so they are gone forever. However, having promised to write about hell, I have quickly rewritten the posts on that subject. So from tomorrow, as promised, I will examine hell and its implications in Buddhism and compare it with the concept of hell in other religions.

In the meantime, an interesting picture for you to contemplate.

1 comment:

Justin Choo said...

I don't understand why you need to store in the thumbdrive. You could save in the blog as draft.

By the way I always have a back-up thumbdrive. Although I have to save twice, it's worth the trouble.