Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Recollection On Blessings

Infinite in number and variety are the states of existence that beings are born into. I have been born as a human beings.

Countless are those who cannot speak or hear what is spoken to them, who cannot see to read and who lack the power to reason and ponder. I have been born with all limbs and faculties complete.

Many are those who dwell in lands of strife and conflict and who are deprived of security and safety. I am living in a land that is at peace.

Incalculable are those forced to toil without end and who are driven by hunger and want. I have wealth to sustain the body and time to give it rest.

Numerous are those whose bodies and minds are in bonds, who are not their own masters, unable to go where they wish, unable to think as they like, I enjoy great freedom.

Without number are those who abide in regions where the light of the Dhamma shines not, or where its message is not heard above the racket of false doctrines. I have heard and understood the good Dhamma.

Truly precious is this human life and great are the blessings I enjoy. I here and now before the Buddha contemplate my own good fortune and resolve to use this rare opportunity to work for my own good and the good of others. With strong determination I will overcome all obstacles both great and small.


dmkorman said...

Rather than live a life regretting that there exists human eating tigers, it is better to live a life being thankful that tigers do not have wings.

Vasile Andreica said...

Thank you, Bhante, this recollection was very helpful now, in a time of great happiness. Imagine how it will fare in times of trouble.
May you be at peace, content and enjoy your work.

Samsara said...

>>resolve to use this rare opportunity to work for my own good and the good of others. With strong determination I will overcome all obstacles both great and small.

Thank you venerable! Yes, since I am soooooo lucky, so have to work hard for my own good and the good of others!

Walter said...

We need to be careful not to take the law of kamma to heart and gloat that we had done so many things right in the past so much so that we are now enjoying our well deserved blessings. As such a thought arise in us, suffering remains. The reason is that ego has raised its head and we have forgotten "anatta". Compassion has also taken flight and replaced with condescension. There is similarity with the self-righteous pharisees.

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear No,
Try as I might I couldn’t detect any gloating in my Recollection on Blessings. And while the caution you give is important, it is equally true that we should think about and be thankful and grateful for the blessings we enjoy – which is, of course, the whole point of this recollection.

Walter said...

Dear Venerable,

Thank you for your response, which was quick indeed. I am not referring to your post when I used the word "gloat". It was only meant as a general caution... lest we become "complacent and smug" and "gloat" instead of having "joy" that our conscience has no reproach. But, on second thoughts, sometimes I believe, as unenligtened earthlings, it might even be necessary to "gloat" a little when our practice is getting nowhere and depression sets in...

KTM said...

a very beautiful recollection on blessings we are enjoying, especially to meet with the 'Dhamma". may we be freed from all sense desires and have peace within. may you be at peace and able to give the 'Dhamma' insights to others.

Unknown said...

I just watched the Hiroshima documentary on discovery channel. There's a still-existing black spot on stone house step ,where a human was vaporised by the atomic bomb...Countless blood shed, bones broken for intangible nonsense like patriotism, holy wars, ideologies... How can beings find peace by inflicting physical pain on one another?

Innocent lives everywhere have been,are and will be lost in such senseless violence. There's only 1 war worth fighting for- against deadly diseases.

The greatest blessing for a country is to have a peace-loving leader. Blood-sucking politicians are even more dangerous than MRSA.