Saturday, August 15, 2009


I came across this on the Where Is Buddha blog and I found it uplifting and meaningful.

My existence is sustained by the dedication of so many people. I am grateful for the care and hard work of my ancestors and parents. They have nurtured me in infinite ways. Without them I would not exist.
I am grateful for Cherielyn who has graced my life with her gentle presence, her quiet wisdom, her acceptance of my countless flaws and her laughter.
I am grateful for my friends, who have enriched my life with happiness and wisdom.
I am grateful for the countless teenagers who I have taught and continua to teach. They teach me patience and keep me young at heart, while constantly reminding me that I am growing older every day.
I am grateful for the people who constantly irritate me and provoke me to anger. They are my gurus. They teach me how destructive anger can be.
I am grateful for the countless people who produce books, music movies that I have loved and enjoyed.
I am grateful for the Buddha. The light of his compassion continues to illuminate this world of suffering. I stumble towards the sourse of that light with joy.

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aah-haa said...

My great grandmother said to me when I was a kid: "Anyone can call you a fool, good for nothing, lazy, stupid, simpleton …. but never let anyone ever call you an ingrate."