Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Like Milk And Water Mixed

May my mind never be perverted and may I never utter evil speech, but with kindness and compassion, may I live with a mind free from hatred and filled with love. I will live suffusing firstly one person with love, and starting with them, suffuse the whole world with a love that is expansive, pervasive, immeasurable and utterly devoid of hatred and enmity.
I will always consider what a blessing it is, what a real blessing, to be in communion with my fellows in the spiritual life. May I always think of them with love. May I always speak to them with love, both in public and in private. I will always act towards them with love, both in public and in private. I will always consider putting aside my own wishes and acquiesce to their wishes and then I will act accordingly.
Though our bodies will be different our minds will be one. Doing this we will live in concord, with mutual appreciation, free from arguments, like milk and water mixed, looking upon other with the eyes of love.
This passage is an amalgam of words from M.I,126; III,156


Andy said...



with metta

namkhim said...

Dear Bhante,

In your post of June 25th ‘Lama No More’ you say that the tulku system of recognizing reborn lamas is more a cultural phenomena than a strictly ‘Buddhist’ one. If this is so, how and why did this idea come about in Tibet , a strongly Buddhist country?

Walter said...

Somehow I liked better if the sentence was rendered as "...looking upon each other with eyes of affection." The word "love" has become so misused and abused that it always connotes "sex" (perhaps it is because I am too exposed to the mass media).

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear No,
The term is piyacakkhuni, piya + love and cakkhu + eye, although you could render piya affection too. However, don’t let impressions created by the media etc, distort your understanding of the Buddha’s words.