Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hot Bods

When I first heard this term recently I misheard it as 'hot rods'. Then I noticed it in the newspaper in the sentence 'the beach was crowded with hot bods' and thought it was referring to sunbathers, you know, as in 'odd bods.' Finally someone filled me in. It's a term for sensuous, desirable or if you like, sexually stimulating, human bodies. In Rubin's time that meant being pale and slightly flabby, for the Edwardians it meant having high breasts, a wasp-waist and huge buttocks. Today it means being muscular, tanned and having as few clothes as possible without getting into trouble with the law. That's okay. It fits well with our overly-sexually stimulated pleasure-dominated, body-oriented society. Related to this, just the other day I found this comment on a local Buddhist's blog which I thought rather useful - 'A hot bod is definitely nice, but a cool head and a warm heart is far more important. However, there is no reason why a hot bod cannot contain a cool head and warm heart. I just must not loose sight of the fact that even a hot bod is nothing more than a "stinking skin bag" to contain the heart and mind'.

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