Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sacred Footprints

I went to Polonnaruwa, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, specifically to take this picture of the Buddha's feet for the cover of my new book Sacred Island - A Buddhist Pilgrim's Guide to Sri Lanka (see Oct 14). As it happens, the editor had different ideas and a more predictable, less beautiful picture ended up on the cover. So I thought I would share this picture with you in the hope that it might inspires you as much as it did me.


lzblue said...

Next time make a poll on your website for those who pre-book your book to vote for the cover. Let's show 'em who's the boss.

namkhim said...

This must be one of the most beautifully carved feet of the Buddha I have seen.

Most of the reclining Buddha statues' feet have been stylized.
But this one is very elegant.