Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brushing Aside The Moss

How can one get rid of ill-will towards a person whose behavior is good but whose speech is not? Imagine a man exhausted and overcome by heat, wearied, gasping and thirsty were to come upon a pool over covered with moss and water plants. He would dive in, spread the water plants with his hands, then cup his hand, drink and quench his thirst. Like this the person's unpleasant speech aught to be ignored and one should focus on his good behavior (A.III,187).


Avatar said...

Dear Bhante,

This is something very profound, yet often forgotten. Thanks for the timely reminder.


Ming-Jie Chai said...

Dear Bhante

Thanks indeed for the article. Yes - we should indeed train our minds to focus on the good points of others, instead of the bad ones. This makes Buddhist teachings - which train our minds to focus and be aware of the wandering minds - especially relevant and timeless. Hopefully, in the process, we can become wiser, happier and more at peace.