Monday, March 30, 2009

Flowers From Heaven

The Mahaparinibbana Sutta mentions that as the Buddha passed away, flowers fell from heaven (D.II,137. This same motif often occurs in Mahayana sutras, and with good reason - it is a particularly lovely one. Directly across the road from me is a line of Pterocarpus indicus trees that burst into blossom once a year for only three or four days. During that time they continually sprinkle down so that early in the morning the cars parked under them, the parking lot itself, and the foot path, are completely covered with a carpet of beautiful golden flowers. If you stand under the trees for only five or ten minuets, you have blossoms all over you too. It’s a bit like being in chapter six of the Vimalakirtineddesa Sutra. Despite this, most people walk right past these blossoms or even right over them and don’t even notice them.
One of the blessings of practicing mindfulness is that you see the wonder and the beauty that is all around us, even in your own neighborhood, which less mindful people might completely miss. So its true what the Buddha said; 'The mindful person's happiness increases' (Satima sukham edhati, S.I,208).
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