Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saddhammamaniratana I

26.Not with monks or brahmans
Neither with the poor and needy
Does the base man share his food
Nor give any drink or sustenance.
People say that selfish man
Is like a drought, a rainless sky.

27.One who shares his wealth with some,
But does not gladly give to others,
Is like a local shower;
In such a way the wise describe this person.

28.But one who rains down bountiful gifts,
Gladly giving here and there
Out of compassion for all beings,
And who always says ‘Give! Give!’

29.This type of person is like
A great rain cloud filled with rain,
Thundering and pouring down
Refreshing water everywhere,
Drenching the highlands and the lowlands too,
Generous and without distinctions.


Liew Shi Xiong said...

Hi Venerable

Thank you very much for pointing out my errors! I understand that the consequences of quoting the Dhamma wrongly are very serious. Will learn to rectify directly with the Tipitaka instead.


Unknown said...


is it ok for me to print copies of saddhammaniratana for myself and friends?

i'm reading it from and i find the arrangement of the verses very good and easy to follow. the pali is good to chant, too. easy to memorise.


Andy said...

Dear Venerable Sir,

A big Sadhu! for the verses.

with Metta