Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saddhammamaniratana III

149.For the mindful one there's always good'
for the mindful one happiness grows,
for the mindful one things smoothly go,
although enmity may remain.

150.But one who both day and night
takes delight in harmlessness,
sharing love with all that lives,
that one has enmity with none.

153. Develop a mind that’s full of love,
be compassionate and restrained in virtue,
arouse your energy and your strength,
be always firm in making progress.

154. Just as a loving mother would guard
her only dearly beloved child,
so towards creatures everywhere
one should always wish their good.

165. Whoever boundless makes their love,
and sets their heart upon the goal
of seeing the end of birth and death,
all their fetters are worn thin.

156.Just as water freely cools
all different types, the good and bad,
and washer away all dirt and dust;

157. Like this you should develop thoughts
of love to friend and foe alike,
and having reached fullness in love,
you will attain enlightenment.

164. Therefore, the meditation on love
should be done for self and others too,
everyone should be suffused with love.
This is the teachings of the Buddha.
149,S.I,208.150,S.I,208.153,Tha.979.165,It.21.156, Jn.168.157, Ja.169.164,Mil.394.

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