Monday, March 9, 2009

In Perth

I have just returned from a ten day trip to Perth in Western Australia. I had intended to continue my blog during that time but the place I was staying in had no computer and the logistics of getting to one proved complicated. For three days I fretted and by the time a computer did become available I was starting to enjoy not having to worry about the blog. Consequently I had a holiday from blogging for ten days. So now its back to the treadmill and my blogs will start again tomorrow.
I would like to thank John and Moon, Liza, Ann and David for so kindly looking after me in Perth and for arranging my talks.


Soe am i said...

Wow. Bhante, so you experienced how it feels to break away from a real habitual attachment. Must have been liberating..

Maybe you can consider blogging alternate days. Would give you twice as much time to get subjects and half of the time would be liberated for other worthwhile things.

Just a suggestion. Theoretically and practically how it works might differ. Might be worth experimenting on? It should be interesting for each of us to experiment on our own habits too. I think i'll go find one to 'poke' at.

Welcome back, we missed you at the center!

Alessandro S. said...

This is a good chance to free yourself of the blogging addiction, Bhante! :-)

Just joking, I wondered why you suddenly stopped posting. Next time let us know in advance when you're leaving for a trip or a retreat! ;-)

Welcome back.

Han & Zan said...

Bhante, I must admit to thinking that perhaps you were still sad in the Buddha's Garden and hadn't yet emerged. How our minds make up explanations that are so often far from reality!

Unknown said...

Dear Bhante, is it possible to invite you also to Europe?

By the way, I am traveling to Malaysia and Thailand in some days from now - so I will be in the area soon.

Best wishes from Herbert

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Herbert,
When in Malaysia please give me a ring on 63522859.

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Dear Suzanne,
Nice to know I was missed. Even the cat didnt notice I had gone.

Han & Zan said...

But Bhante,
I'm sure the mynah noticed--or at least missed his food donation : )