Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saddhammamaniratana IV

. Just as the lotus is water-born,
and there grows up beneath the waves,
and yet remains so clean and pure,
ever fresh and good to see;

197. So too the Buddha is worldly-born,
grows up and dwells within this world,
but like the lotus in the mud
is ever pure and beautiful.

201. When the Buddha teaches beings,
he does so out of sympathy.
From every idea of good and bad,
the Tathagata is wholly freed.

202. Certainly the sun will rise,
when darkest night does fade away,
so too the Buddha's spoken words
are always dependable and true.

198. The mighty sea, the earth so broad,
the mountain peaks and roaring wind,
in majesty do not come near
the liberation of the Lord.

200. When in the forest, amongst the trees,
when retired to an empty place,
just call to mind the Buddha and
no fear or trembling will arise.

204. So now stir up your energy,
skillful be and mindful too,
and having heard my gentle voice
enlightenment you will attain.


Anandajoti said...

Dear Venerable,

Some great verses again today --- but you forgot the references! Perhaps you could post them below...

Shravasti Dhammika said...

Not forgotten. But when I tried to put them in separately they wouldn’t go. Anyway, here they are. 196,Tha.700. 197,701. 201, S.I,111, 202, Jn. 122. 198, Tha. 1031. 208, Thi.250. 204, Sn. 1062.