Friday, October 31, 2008

Pictures Of The Month

Some funny pictures of IndiaJust couldn't be bothered.

They might be good at computers. The wiring is another matter.

Its a living!

Why not? A billion other Indians are.

Surging ahead into the 21st century.

Who says they can't use their heads?


Dewi Kayangan said...

Dear Rev. Dhammika,

I've a friend (a Christian) who has lost her hearing and is going blind. Her health is deteriorating and death could be nearer than anyone expectation.

She's living in fear each day.

I hope you'll write on Death and Rebirth, something that I would want her to read and therefore, to let go. My own insight and wisdom are limited.

Grace Chan

Justin Choo said...


Yvonne is a devout Christian; if I'm not mistaken. Her health may be deteriorating, but are you sure of what you said?

My eyes are hurting just to beat the deadline of my "project". I've just finished!! It's now 11.35pm.
You can just keep this blog as it is; and start another site. But now it doesn't matter, I have completed my task...Phew!!



Bengchoo said...

Dear Bhante
The pictures (on India) which you'd posted are simply hilarious..hahahah. More please!
Just wanted to point out a little typo .. appearing on the first line of your blog. "web" site had turned out as "wed" site; Bhante might wish to amend that one first.
Looking fwd to your postings on meditation. Sadhu3x.
sister yeoh from CBL(PJ)

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